Friday, August 10, 2012

Easy nail art: Dog Paws Nail art

I have short nails and sometimes it's a problem because I can't do any nail art I like. But there are cute nail arts for short nails and this is one of the cutest 

The dog paws nail art. It is really easy and you will only need a dotting tool and if you don't have a dotting tool read my DIY dotting tools post to create your own tools

These are the steps:

1. Paint your nails with any base colour your like.

2. Place three dots in the shape of a dog paw in any place of the nail (I prefer the bottom)

3. Then add a stripe in front of all the dots and then you are done ! (you can add 3-4 stripes)

You can add one dog paw or more depending on the size of your nail.