Friday, August 3, 2012

DIY: How to make a Short/mini short from a pair of old jeans

I've been trying a lot of DIYs recently. I tired many things that was on Pinterest and they sure did work. The only thing I couldn't do was dip dying hair from food colourings because my hair is Dark Black.. I'm not going to bleach my hair yet so dying just gonna have to wait a little longer.
And this is the newest DIY I tried which is
Making a pair of shorts from an old pair of jeans   and it works perfectly !

Let's see the instructions ->
First Get an old pair of trousers/ blue jeans

Then draw a line diagonally like shown in the picture 
(take any measurement you like from the waist to the thigh) 
Chose the length you want wisely, leaving a few inches to fold and sew the bottom end of the short

Then Cut the trouser using a sharp scissor

After cutting, fold a little section from the bottom of the short upwards and sew it for the short to look better.

And then you are done !

Try this at home as it is really easy.. But make sure to get a good needle when sewing as denim cloths are so thick and hard : )

And you will make a nice home made short