Monday, April 6, 2015

Summer Essentials you can DIY

Hey Girls,
It's already spring and Summer is almost here. It's already getting warm here and it's time we prepare ourselves for summer.. Here's what you can DIY , so you can look fabulous and beach ready.

1. Make your own DIY Outfits

Summer Shorts

Found these on Pinterest and I'm definitely doing this to my shorts.. Will post a tutorial when I'm done

All you gotta do is find some floral fabric or lace and just sew it to a side of the shorts.. You're done!

DIY Shoes

I did this DIY project last week using my old canvas shoes. They were white and had a lot of smudges on them so I couldn't use them. 
What I did was I applied a coat of black acrylic paint on the white surface and after letting it dry in the sun, I drew a tribal pattern using white acrylic paint. 
After a long day in the sun, all the paint was absorbed and they didn't fade or got away when I washed it.
I had no idea that it would work like this, too bad I don't have the before photos to show how amazing the transformation is 

2. Experiment with new  Hair Colours

Go for some vibrant colours this summer, and if you don't want it to be permanent, you can always try hair chalking or dip dying - see my post on hair chalking and dip dying

3. Lose weight/ Tone your body

You can have a goal to lose weight or to have a toned body this summer. This site has free PDFs for you to try and they also have workout plans for your body type .

4. Have a wonderful time 
Make a summer to-do list, explore places have a wonderful time and capture the moments



  1. The shorts are cute, and I should really try doing those DIY shoes. Thanks for the ideas! :D

    1. ikr, you really should try the DIY shoes.. You'll love it :)


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