Saturday, June 2, 2012

Summer Hairstyles: Hair Chalking and colouring

Summer is all about bright and happy colours, I always wanted to colour my hair and here are two wonderful tutorials to colour your hair at home... :D

Tutorial One --This is one of the greatest tutorials I've ever see and the picture explains it all..

Source: The Beauty Department

Tutorial Two-  Chalk dying :D

Step 1- Spray some water to the part of the hair you want to chalk. (not recommended for blond hair)

Step 2- Apply any colour pastel you like (Use ONLY soft pastels, not the oil pastels )

Step 3-  Let dry :D

(If you have blond hair please be careful as the colour may stain )

Seems Fun Right ? BUT, There are cons too.. Many don't speak about them but you must be aware of the cons of hair chalking before you get in to trouble

1. Blond hair has a big risk of getting stained.. 

2. Hair will become so dry as chalk is not a recommended for hair

3. If you have damaged, thin hair this will make your hair worse 

4. The colour will be all over your cloths, pillow ect.

5. Hard to comb your hair after it is chalked: your hair will be rough and messy tangled like a broom

6. If you use heat , it will cause more trouble 

Anyway, this won' t stop me from chalking my hair ( I really wanna try it : ) After all, life is short. :D