Saturday, October 19, 2013

The nail art wheel: To display and Practice Nail art

What if you really wanna try some nail art, but your nail is too small..... or too long? or You feel that it's not very good and healthy to paint and remove, paint and remove and remove nail polish from your nails ALL The time?
Sometimes, I do hate the fact that my nails are really small because I really don't find enough space to do an actual nail art there :?
That's why I can recommend you to buy a Nail art Whee

It's more like a display or a practice tool made of plastic to draw and practice the nail arts you want. Also you can use it as a display tool to show others of your nail arts.... or you can make it a display tool where you keep track of all your nail polishes...

This is how the nail art wheel actually looks like... and It has 20 plastic nails all around

When talking about the Pros, It's light weight, small, and handy where you can take it anywhere kept inside a simple note book

Also, it works with both Acrylic paint and Regular nail polish , see the black cat was totally done with acrylic paint, but there's no difference :)

These are the nail arts I tried... the hearts didn't work with nail polish as it always does : / 

So, you guys might be wonderin how much this cool nail art wheel is .. Guess what it's less than $1.. it's
only   $ 0.99

Use the link above to buy this lovely product from, and don't forget to use the coupon code
to get 10% off when you buy something



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  2. thank you for introducing this product <3 I am going to get some, i can't believe they are so cheap!!!

  3. OMG!! They look so good!! They would look so cute for autumn!!

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