Saturday, October 5, 2013

Nail art tools: Introducting the nail art PEN !!!

Hey guys,
We all know that when doing nail arts, there's this instance we all wonder why can't they just produce a nail art tool that works like a pen, so we won't have to DIE doing those hard shapes.
Especially drawing the heart is soooo hard to me that I mess it up ALL THE TIME. Most of the times it just comes as a ball or something like bird poop :P ... I know.. I'm weird, but I'm pretty sure that you should have the same problem.... right....... or is it just me  ????   :O

Any way Here's this awesome product for people like me; weird ones who are not good at art AT ALL.
Just like I wanted, It's a NAIL ART PEN !!!!
It's just like a normal pen ( a little closer to a correction pen ) It's it's sooooooo simple to use it.. just take it and draw.. Easy

See that (not so) gorgeous nail art over there?  I did it using the white nail art pen I have

How to use the nail art pen?
Well, It's kinda easy, First apply a background colour to your nails.
Wait till it's completely dry
Then just draw from the pen just like you draw from a normal ball point pen.

What I love about the nail art pen is the box. It's so beautifully made with the lovely pictures, I wonder sometimes "I love the box better than the pen" :)

The bornpretty store, offers 6 different and vibrant colours
1#: white
3#: gray
6#: hot pink
8#: red
9#: black
15#: yellow

And all you gotta do is Shake and Pump the pen to use it.

At first you'll have to do a lot of shaking and pumping to get the thing out, but after that it just comes out easily.............

 I even tried drawing the hearts.. they look a lot better now right? ..... Well I think so..

Sooooo If YOU want to buy this LOVELy nail art pen, you can buy it from the bornpretty store
for just $3.99
I absolutely recommend this product and it deserves 5stars

Here's the link and don't forget to use my coupon code 
To get 10% off when you buy something from the bornprettystore 



  1. I want to try this pen. Ho-ho, good idea!

  2. these would be perfect for polka-dots nails!

  3. I have never heard of such a thing but this sounds so interesting and useful to do some nail art!


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