Friday, January 27, 2012

Random facts about me

11 Random Facts..

  1. I'm soooo lazy
  2. I love cats and chocolate 
  3. I love sour foods like lime :S
  4. I love to climb trees
  5. I hate games
  6. If I'm not busy, I just go to my room and day dream :P
  7. I love to eat a lot (but I'm skinny ) lol
  8. I love nail polish 
  9. I love to go to school !!!
  10. I get angry quickly
  11. I can't play the piano cuz I get angry when I can't press the correct note..

11 Questions

  1. what is your HG foundation- I don't use any
  2. What is your daily skin care routine- I don't have a skin care routine, I just apply some vit E cream :P
  3. What is your favourite movie ever- A walk to remember, as I cried a lot..
  4. Do you like korean cosmetics- Well, I've never tried any, but I like the korean models.. Cute >>
  5. What is your favourite brand of skincare-  Nothing : )
  6. Do you use eye cream- Honestly, I've never heard of it :P
  7. What is your favourite book now- Sherlock Holms.. All time favourite
  8. What do you do when you have leisure time- I eat and sing 
  9. Do you like to eat junk food- I loove them
  10. Do you collect something- I collect, cute stones, seashells and stamps
  11. Chocolate or strawberry milk- Chocolate for sure, I hate strawberry as I ate a lot before and now I don't even like to see strawberries