Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Etsy Finds: Cheap makeup bags and pouches

Hello dolls, :P
I'm back with another Etsy Finds post and today I found a great etsy shop which sells cheap makeup bags.. These days I'm crazy about makeup bags and I love her collection. So the lucky etsy shop is  

The name is so cute and I love it,  though I don't know the meaning :D   he he..

so let's take a look at her shop,

The blue fanny pack small bum bag which is $9.99 

And the red fanny pack bag which is $13.99

Well they are not cheap..... but they are cute right?  

And Use the coupon code "FAVIT"

to get 15% off of your orders

And these are a few of the makeup bags she has and they can be get for $2.99 .  I think $2.99 is a good price for  a small makeup bag..

And at last.. My favourite bag is....

This cute little purple pouch.. you can see it here

So, did you enjoy the post? Do you like to buy something from this shop?

Tell me what you think.. I love your comments, so I won't feel like I'm talking to my self.. :P
until then