Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Review: Dreamy i Blue Circle Lenses

Hello Circle lense lovers and non-circle lense lovers too :D

I told you that I will be doing a review of the Dueba Dreamy i Blue circle lenses I received from the
So here they are being reviewed....  :D

Okay, the package  came so quickly. It took only about 2 or 3 days 

The lenses came in a cute pink box and with a blue animal eye lens case.
I really love the cover of the lens bottle :D It's soo cute 

This is a close up of the lense which has two colours, black and blue :D

And finally this is how the Dreamy i Blue lenses look on an eye !!!
But this is not a picture of me. This picture is taken form here. And you can see a lot of pictures of lili wearing lenses by clicking the link. The full photo credit goes to her.. not me : )

I'm sorry cuz this is not a very big review, I'm really busy these days and this is just a short and a sweet review. I hope you enjoyed it.

And are you a circle lense lover??? Or haven't you tried it yet???