Monday, November 21, 2011

Penpal Bloggers ???

Hello beauties,

You may have heard about penpals who write letters to people who are in different and far away countries.
I love to write and to get letters and I once had a penpal too.
So if you are a blogger and Love to receive packages form mail then this is a great chance for you.

There is a new blog called Penpal Bloggers which help you to find a fellow blogger who are willing to exchange packages with you.

Are you interested??? Go to Penpal Bloggers now and register.  I'm sure this is gonna be a great opportunity :D

This is what Katherine says about Penpal Bloggers,
Do you want to send a fellow blogger a mini care package? You'll get one in return! --
The package will mostly consist of a really long letter. Make it warm and thoughtful! You will also attach to the letter a small gift for your pen buddy. The gift is just for thought, so keep it under $5 and don't expect anything more in return. The little gift will most likely be something you want to recommend or think the person would really enjoy.

And most Importantly, This is international. So I'm going to participate too.. :D    YAY !!!