Thursday, November 10, 2016

Affordable office or business outfit- Wadrobe Must haves

Every woman needs a set of basic and MUST have outfits. She needs to looks cute and casual if she's going out with her girlfriends. Glamorous if she's out on a date, sharp and prepared if going for a business meeting or for a job interview.

But all this needs to be done without going bankrupt. And why not go for some affordable alternatives when choosing your official outfit.

And lets see how much I liked them

Packaging is VERY important when buying online and this is how the cloths looked like when I took the parcel out of the polythene envelope. They were neatly folded and put in a clear plastic bag and I loved it 

So first, let's talk about the Plain band collar blouse. You can choose either Black, Gray or White. I choose the gray colour blouse as I already have plenty of white blouses. As you can see the top has a plain band which kind of gathers the material and holds them in place. At the back there is one button and it's easy to put on that way.

This is how the blouse looks when it's worn. The picture makes it look bluish but it's actually a nice gray colour. It only has one size and I think it should be the size small as I only wear the small size. It fits me perfectly and is sewn nicely. I live in a tropical country so it's a little hard to wear it as it tends to get sweaty. I think the material should be chiffon. But if its cold in your country then this will be a great addition to your wardrobe for just $6.95

Then let's move on to the Collarless Dacron Plain Blazer which as the name suggests is made of a material called dacron and it feels so smooth and comfy. So a +1 for that. You can get that blazer only in black colour. But there are several other listings in the site which feature hot pink, blue and white blazers for around the same price. The label at the top says Moonax and if you look closely you can have a look on the texture of the material.

I ordered the size Small and as you can see it's a bit short when compared to the gray blouse. The blazer does not have a collar but it has a nice shape around the neck area. The sleeve length was perfect for me and it fits perfectly. The blazer does not have a button as other blazers so there's no need to button it. It is comfortable to wear due to the material inside the blazer and I really love it due to the stylish look it gives me just for $23.95

So if you too wanna dressup like this for an affordable price visit -->



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