Friday, March 29, 2013

BornPretty Hot Popular Hair Extensions Review

Hey Guys,
I've been interested in hair extensions since a very long time, and  recently got the chance to try and review some hair extensions from the Born-pretty Store.

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How to keep the hairs of the extension from messing and detaching?
The hairs in the extension are just like natural hair. So they always tend to tangle and to break or detach from the extension. What I did was I applied non sticky oil to the extension before clipping it. I used Silicon oil (Only a little) to keep the hairs a little lubricated. So the hairs won't fall or they won't tangle easily. And also you can even comb the extension  if you want using a comb :)

 I got two hair extensions colours #7 and #1 Which you will be able to see here

The extensions came in nice covers and the parcel arrived so quickly from post.

I did a horrible thing when I first got the extensions. I forgot that they are clip in extensions and even had to tear off the cardboard in which it came. So don't make the same mistake I did, and remember you only got to press the clip like you do to your normal hair clips, and they will easily open

Here you can see the original colours of the extensions as I didn't add any effects on these photos.

This is the extension #1 The red extension

And this is extension #7

Born Pretty store offers one extension for $2.02 and you can chose any colour out of the 15 colours they have specified.
They are synthetic extensions (cruelty free)
And are approximately 40 cm long made by synthetic hair fiber, PET material, can be washed and permed.
Processed with special colorants, will never bleed onto the hair.
Professionally sanitized and sterilized for beauty use.

I loved the hair extension when I got them, because I was dying to try some out as I couldn't dye my hair.
Hair extensions can be identified as a good replacement for dying hair, instead of paying a LOT of money to dye your hair which also damages your hair. Why spend so much money when you can simply clip in a hair extension?
I love the colour range the Born-pretty store offers and the synthetic fibers don't bleed in to the hair just like they have mentioned in their product page.

Though I LOVE these extensions, it's hard to make them visible in your hair unless you are doing a bun. What happened to me was the extensions just got disappeared just after I clipped them. (may be it's because I have thick hair) but it is not as easy as it looks like. Also the extension started to come out of the clip as it is only attached to the clip using a little thread.  Therefore I am not as satisfied with the extensions as I  hoped I would be. so I can give 3/5 stars for this product.

Wanna Buy the Hot Popular Hair Extensions from the BornPretty store?

 I hope you enjoyed the review. Have you used hair extensions before? Or wanna try this?

Disclaimer: I have received one or more items from the shop above to review. But the opinions are 100% my own.