Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Trying new Eyeshadows

Shopping is really fun, I know everybody loves shopping because everything out there is so beautiful and It really makes me wanna buy all of them. But still I can't purchase all of them especially because I don't earn any.  Anyway I managed to buy some eye shadows last week because I really felt that I need some.

These are the two palettes I bought and they didn't cost much. The first palette has more natural looking colours and the second palette has the blue shades.
Let's first talk about the first palette.

Here it is, There were two small brushes for eye shadow application and a blusher brush. I didn't like the blush much because It was too shiny, but the eye shadows were ok.
And for the eyebrow colour, I never wanted to use it because I already have a very think eyebrow

This is the second small palette I bought
This is nice and I love the case which has a small mirror on top, the small eyeshadow applicators, and I the lovely blue shades.

You can see the difference between the two palettes, The colours of the first palette is barely visible while the others look glamorous.
So I feel a little disappointed with the first palette but It's ok, I really needed an eyeshadow.
Anyway I couldn't manage to apply them nicely so there won't be a picture of me wearing them, instead here's a nice picture
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