Thursday, September 20, 2012

I know, I wasn't blogging ... :(

Maybe It's because I'm too lazy. I keep telling me that I shouldn't be lazy but I just can't obey my mind. But I think the Kawaii Tote Giveaway was accompanying you while I'm away and I think It's the time to start blogging again..
But the problem is I can't find a topic to post on..  I suck at doing nail arts, and makeup and DIY projects because I'm sooo clumsy. I mess up almost everything and the only thing I'm happy about is My Little Blog. 
So I'm just gonna share this awesome blog and this Wonderful DIY tutorial I found. 
This looks so wonderful and I think you should visit Four Flights of Fancy and try the projects for yourself

I love the Striped Tote
I really wanna try this.. It's so lovely .. and her blog is lovely too..

So bye bye for now.. and If you didn't Enter the Kawaii Tote Giveaway now