Friday, August 19, 2011

Girls bedding essentials, as seen on pbteen

Hello girls,
Wanna make your room adorable <3
I found some room decor ideas in pbteen and thought to share it with you
(this website or the company doesn't pay me for this.. and only my opinions are stated in this post I didn't buy these products and I don't have these this is just my views by watching the pictues : )

I always glue pictures and notes to my wall and when I remove it the paint goes with the papers. That was a real problem for me and I saw this pinboard in pbteen and I loved it
This is soo cool  but I didn't buy this and I"m not going to buy as it is too expensive to me..
So I thought to make a pinboard by myself and I will in december after my exam.
Then I'll post a DIY how to make a pinboard tutorial in this blog

The next thing I found interesting at pbteen is this cellphone holder. It seems cute  :D

They have some cute pillows with quotes ....

Earring hangers

As the last Item this DIY night lamp I found at is so attractive.. but I couldn't see all the steps as you need a premium account for that  :(

Hope you enjoyed.. comment

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